Summer of Mystery & Detection

Summer of Mystery & Detection!

A Book Barn’s Summer Reading Series 2015

So… you think you have what it takes to be a detective, do you? Well, let me tell you, it’s not as easy as they make it seem in books and those motion picture thingies. It’s hard work, research, sleuthing, and a lot of reading and eating. Especially eating, ‘cause I mean really, who can possibly sleuth on an empty stomach? We have quite the caseload right now and are looking for a few good detectives, so if you’re grades 1-12 and up for the job, you’re hired!

Starting Saturday June 13th, stop by A Book Barn to register and get your first case file. On the pages within, make sure to record all the important facts about the cases you take, and be sure to report in once in a while so we can keep track of your progress out in the field. Remember, each book/case you crack will put your name in the drawing for one of the many prizes we have! The cut-off for the end of the reading program will be 5pm on Saturday, August 1st, so please have all of your cases finished and filed by then!

And as always, our summer reading program is completely free, you just have to stop by the store and sign up!

So, where were you on Sunday August the 2nd at 4 o’clock pm?! That’s right, at our pizza party! A Book Barn is hosting a free pizza party for all those who participate and complete at least one book. We will send out a reminder/ RSVP request when the date gets closer, and will do the drawing for the prizes at the party. We also formally request that all of the detectives (and parents and siblings!) who attend the party wear their formal detective and sleuthing attire. After all, what would a Book Barn pizza party be without everyone dressed up in costume?!

-=-=- Recommended Reading -=-=-

This isn’t a comprehensive list of what the kids can read, just a few recommendations to help get them started!


Nancy Drew

Cam Jansen

Hardy Boys

Encyclopedia Brown

Three Investigators

Babysitters Club

Blues Clues

Sherlock Holmes

Hunger Games

Sisters Grimm

Nate the Great

A-Z Mysteries


and more!

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