Selling Your Books

Hi, Dan Dunklee here. We are always buying, but because we have such a large inventory, we are rather picky about the books we buy. If you have specific questions about the sale-ability of your books, please call me at 559-297-9052 during business hours, or email me anytime at

PLEASE make an appointment!

(NOTE: Please don’t email me an Excel sheet of all of your books. I would be happy to give you a general idea of what we’ll buy, but I don’t have the time to go line-by-line through a list and check yes or no. It’s more time-consuming for me than actually physically buying books. I’m afraid I would rather judge a book by its cover than look up every unfamiliar-sounding title or author. Thanks.)

For an up-to-date list of what we are and are not looking for, click the “wanted poster” at the bottom of the page.

A note about age and condition :

We love older books, but some just don’t sell. Sought-after older books include those by authors that are still popular, and good books in needed areas like architecture, art and theatre. (If you have Reader’s Digest Condensed Books or encyclopedia sets, straight to the Good Will.) Condition IS also a factor. We almost never buy books that have an odor (musty or smoky).

PLEASE make an appointment!

We will only buy books in poor condition if they are hard to find and desirable. Modern hardbacks must have their dust jackets and paperbacks must be clean with no more than minor spine creases.

Also, the best way to transport more than a few books is in smallish boxes – up to about apple box size. We won’t look at books that are in garbage bags, suitcases, hockey bags, or the box that your 27″ TV came in. The books get damaged in transit, and such containers make it very difficult to efficiently sort through the books. Please make sure the boxes you use aren’t full of leaves, dirt or glue either. Common sense? Not really.

We’ve seen it all here more than enough. You will need to phone ahead of time to let us know when you’re coming. Ten boxes can take an hour to go through, if the store’s not busy. That being said, things change here from moment to moment, and we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to look at your books while you wait.

PLEASE make an appointment!

We like to look at books all the time, but we try to limit purchasing to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1pm-4pm.


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