“Publishing as personal”

the cover of "The Loving Dead", Amelia Beamer's debut novel.Author and blog-enthusiast Amelia Beamer gave away copies of her first book for free, and earlier this week shared some interesting insights on her view of the evolving world of publishing and books.

“I think people choose what books to read the same way we choose friends. The book has to be interesting, and it has to cross your path in a way that gets your attention. It helps if the book comes recommended by someone you trust. There are so many novels out there, and I can’t remember when I last picked up a book based on a book review. I get them all through personal contacts, or chance encounters.

This may go against conventional wisdom, but I don’t think books or even authors are competing against one another. We’re competing for a potential reader’s attention with everything in his or her life. If these potential readers are anything like me, they want the book to be handed to them by a friend. They want reading to be a shared cultural experience, like Harry Potter or Fifty Shades. Most importantly, they want to read stories that speak to their interests.

So my hope is to put my books in front of as many people as possible, so that the books can make friends. Word of mouth is never about promoting a product: it’s about the personal relationship between the person giving the recommendation and the person receiving it. Making the book free is just a way to get more people involved.”

So here’s my question…

Do you read books based on an Amazon review, the number of stars it’s given, how well it’s ranked on Good Reads, or because a friend handed it to you? And do you have certain friends whose recommendations hold more weight? (Don’t worry, you can totally use their names, they probably won’t see this…) Please comment below and let us know what you think!

To read the rest of her article, visit http://www.ameliabeamer.com/2014/04/28/what-i-learned-from-giving-away-my-first-novel/

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